10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Now that I’m a few posts in, I figured I’d compile a list of getting to know me facts.  It started off at 25 and then got scaled down to 10 because I couldn’t think of anything.  Then I thought I’d spin it and make it a quarterly thing or a list I can add to as I think of more.  We’ll see how it goes!

  1. I’m a cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in March 2009 and had a hysterectomy in April 2009 at the ripe old age of 29.  It was stressful and completely horrific (before, during, and after), but I didn’t have to go through chemo and to this day I’m completely cancer free!
  2. I read about 250 books a year.  Wow, that was really weird to type.  250 books?  And this is according to Goodreads.  I read 232 books in 2015 and 264 books in 2016.  But yeah, I read pretty much every single day.  And the majority of what I’ve been reading lately has been romance.  I think contemporary romance is the genre I enjoy the most.
  3. I’m left-handed.  And if you’re left-handed or know someone who is, this is both exciting and frustrating.
  4. I don’t like having dirty hands.  Absolutely can’t stand it.  Even thinking about it is making my skin crawl.  Okay, I need to go wash my hands.
  5. I collect Funko Pop figures.  My collection’s up to about 200 and even admitting that is scary!
  6. I have no memory.  Short term or long term.  I have to write down everything or I won’t remember it.  If you asked me what happened yesterday, I’d have to sit down for a minute and think about it before I could answer.  Maybe I just push the unimportant stuff from my head because I can definitely tell you about the time I fell down the stairs in high school while wearing clunky high heels.
  7. I’m an INFJ (introversion, intuition, feeling, judging) on the Myers-Briggs scale.  And it describes me perfectly.
  8. I suffer from bipolar disorder and was misdiagnosed for the majority of my life.
  9. I smoked for over 15 years and quit six years ago.  I’m 37 now if that helps the timeline.  I think I was a smoker more out of habit than addiction.  It became a routine.  An old boss of mine that had smoked for probably 20 years or more told me that when I really wanted to quit, when I made the decision in my head to stop, then I’d just stop.  No pills, no patches, nothing.  And in my case, he was right.  One day I decided  I didn’t want to do it anymore and I quit.  Done deal.
  10. I had gastric sleeve surgery in December 2016.  Best decision I’ve ever made!


(header photo credit: Sergii Gulenok)


My Bucket List

I’ve had this bucket list for a while and I seem to bring it from blog to blog.  I thought this blog shouldn’t be any different.  I’ve definitely added to it and I high suggest taking a look at Bucket List Journey because she has some great ideas (I definitely stole a few).

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon
  2. Walk across hot coals
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon (completed in/around 1996)
  4. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
  5. Travel to Italy/Visit The Vatican
  6. Visit The Louvre
  7. Attend the National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. – 2013cherry-blossom
  8. Go to Disney World (went several times during childhood and most recently in 2005)
  9. Become fluent in Spanish
  10. Become fluent in French
  11. Go camping (completed in/around 2001)
  12. Get tattooed in the Tebori method
  13. Learn the Argentine Tango
  14. Learn the Paso Doble
  15. Win something (won an iPod at work in 2009 and a t.v. at work in 2012)
  16. Learn to shoot a gun
  17. Learn to change a tire
  18. Have something dedicated to me (my mom dedicated her book to me in 2013)
  19. Go fishing
  20. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  21. Ride on a motorcycle
  22. Get acupuncture – 2015
  23. Buy an expensive piece of art
  24. Travel to Ireland
  25. Go to a Drive-In – 2014 w/ friends, JaNyka and Brandon
  26. Sing on a stage
  27. Attend Past Life Regression Therapy
  28. Learn sign language
  29. Get a tattoo (up to 11 now)
  30. Travel outside the U.S. (been to Mexico – Cancun & Cabo; as well as London)cancun
  31. Cruise the Caribbean
  32. Drive the Autobahn
  33. Visit Australia
  34. Fly a kite
  35. Fly in a helicopter
  36. Fly in an airplane
  37. Milk a cow
  38. Name a star
  39. Ride a horse
  40. Ride a vespa in Rome
  41. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  42. Rub the belly of a large Buddha
  43. See Stonehenge
  44. See the aurora borealis
  45. See the David statue
  46. See the Eiffel Tower
  47. See The Last Supper
  48. See the Mona Lisa
  49. See the Sistine Chapel ceiling
  50. Sleep in an igloo
  51. Swim in the pacific ocean
  52. Pray with a Buddhist Monk
  53. Visit Rome and throw a coin in the Trevi fountain
  54. Visit the Pyramids
  55. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace – 2013
  56. Hold a monkey
  57. Touch a tiger
  58. See a whale
  59. Touch a lion
  60. Publish a Coffee Table Book of photos I’ve taken
  61. Publish a piece in a magazine
  62. Publish a poem
  63. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays
  64. Read the bible from cover to cover
  65. Read the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aenaeid
  66. Write and publish a children’s book
  67. Write and publish a novel
  68. Attend a movie premiere
  69. Attend a world class dance performance in NYC
  70. Attend the opera all dressed up
  71. See the Rocky Horror Picture Show live at midnight
  72. See Wicked
  73. Tour NYC and see a Broadway play (completed in 2011; saw Phantom)
  74. Hear my song on the radio
  75. Meet someone famous
  76. Meet a US President in person
  77. Live somewhere in Europe for at least a year
  78. Travel to England – 2013  harrods
  79. Take a drawing/painting class
  80. Carve a pumpkin (completed October 2010)
  81. Learn to hula hoop
  82. Compete in the Warrior Dash/Color Run/Tough Mudder
  83. Marry the love of my life
  84. Hug a redwood tree
  85. Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day
  86. Attend NYC Comic Con
  87. Attend San Diego Comic Con
  88. Throw a themed party
  89. Have my palm read
  90. Drink absinthe
  91. Eat alone at a restaurant
  92. Do the Polar Bear plunge
  93. Be a tourist in my own town
  94. Get ordained
  95. Help someone with a check on their bucket list
  96. Take a psychedelic drug
  97. Start a charity
  98. Drive a race car
  99. Sleep in a treehouse
  100. Go on a solo vacation




(header photo credit:  Angelina Litvin)